Portable bars are a game-changer, literally revolutionising the way we entertain. Offering both style and versatility and available in a variety of forms, portable bars are redefining sports events.

From vehicle-installed setups to custom-built structures, each type of portable bar brings unique advantages to different events. Whether serving sophisticated cocktails or simple coffees, these bars enhance gatherings, allowing the ability to easily expand upwards or outwards as the need arises.

Let’s look closer at some examples of where portable bars are being used and some of the unique customisations’ clients have requested.

Where are Portable Bars Used?

Portable bars are increasingly popular at a wide range of events, from weddings and corporate functions to festivals, brand launches, private parties, and sports events. Their appeal lies in their versatility and ability to be customised. Whether it’s an elegant wedding or a casual party, these bars can be tailored to fit any theme or setting.

Their mobility is a key feature of their popularity, enabling strategic placement that benefits your organisation, regardless of the event. Our container-based portable bars ensure you’ll get noticed!

Portable Bars at Outdoor Sports Events

Using portable bars at sporting events adds an exciting dimension to the fan experience. These bars bring convenience and style to the stadium, and whether at a major game or a local match, they can be strategically placed to ensure quick access to refreshments, minimising queues and keeping fans engaged.

From serving ice-cold beverages to the perfect cup of coffee, portable bars enhance everyone’s enjoyment at sports events, contributing to the thrill of the game.

Customising Your Portable Bar

These portable bars can be branded with team or sponsor colours and logos, creating numerous promotional opportunities. Some popular customisations include modular designs, signage, integrated technology, and custom fit-outs.

  • Modular Designs: This involves combining units to create multi-level structures, such as a two-story bar with stairs, adding a dramatic effect and maximising the available space.
  • Branding and Signage: Tailoring the look to match your brand colours and messaging, or your team’s colours, enhances your portable bar’s overall aesthetic and marketing potential.
  • Integrated Technology: Portable bars can be equipped with integrated LED screens that provide dynamic advertisements and real-time event information. This technology enhances the overall event experience, keeping attendees informed and engaged throughout the sporting event. It can also be used to promote your organisation to attendees.
  • Custom Fit-Outs: These include state-of-the-art refrigeration systems, specialised lighting setups, and tailored features to meet specific event or brand requirements. These customisations guarantee that your organisation will be centre stage!
  • Security: Once the event is over for the day, it’s easy to lock things up and either re-open again the next day, or alternatively move the portable bar to the next location.

Portable Bars- Elevating Sports Experiences

Portable shipping container bars have revolutionised the event industry, offering an adaptable, stylish, and practical solution for any sporting event. From cricket to rugby, horse racing, motorsports and surfing competitions, these bars not only provide functionality but also contribute significantly to the event’s ambience.

Event Studios’ expertise in creating custom, container-based portable bars ensures that each event is not just an occasion but an unforgettable experience. With the ability to be designed and outfitted in various ways, our mobile bars are a game-changer for outdoor sports events, making every gathering a memorable experience.