Actuating Structures

ESA specialize in the ability to expand the footprint of your structure without adding further costs on transport. Through ESA Actuating Technology we work within the 2.4 wide footprint of the structure and once installed, the structure can either expand out internally or fold out creating a wider space.

This is particularly effective for Product Launches, Roadshows, Expos and make amazing Trade Show Activations that can be re-used over and again.


  • Expand from 2.4m to 3.6m , 4.8m , 6m  or 7.2m Wide
  • Creating double the size structure without doubling the costs of transport
  • Option to expand internal floor space or create outside Decking Areas.
  • Can activated as standalone or off a truck.
  • Options to increase footprint by utilizing the roof as a top deck.


  • Tradeshows – Exceptional for easy bumps ins/out.
  • Roadshows- Introduce your brand to all parts of Australia.
  • Emergency Deployment-
  • Display Suites
  • Meeting Rooms or Accommodation Units

Past Work

  • ADF Maker Space Deployments
  • Nintendo Switch National Product launch
  • NuFarm National Product Roadshow
  • Q+ Activation Hub
  • South Melbourne Market Meeting Room
Actuating Structure

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