Shipping Container Bars

With over 20 years based in the Events Industry,  we are at the forefront when it comes to providing Shipping Containers Bars to the Events and Hospitality Industry, as well as other custom portable bars. All of our Shipping Container Bars come with full Reg126 Certification that is required at all events across Australia.

We offer both Shipping Container Bar for Hire and Shipping Containers Bars for Sale.  Whilst each Container Bar is different, they all come with Servery Windows, Full Electrical Fitout, Commercial Grade flooring and Front Serving Counters. 

shipping container bar in melbourne

The main difference with our Bars and our competitors is we provide our customers the full Branding Package. Most Shipping Container Bars in the Industry will just offer the Bar that needs to have a Façade built around it.  Whereas we can organise all of the Signage, Façade work within the Bars infrastructure, so once it turns up onsite the Bar is ready to go rather than days onsite building around the Shipping Container bar with Branding. 

Our bar shipping container solutions take the worry out of organising several contractors for the one job.  Event Studios Australia can arrange the Design, Signage, Hire, Delivery, Install and all of the Certification.

Shipping Container Bars FAQ

What are the Advantages of a Shipping Container Bar

Our Portable Bars versatility and Transportability sets it apart from other Bar Structures like Marquees and Tents.  Many of our Customers will book us in for one event in Melbourne and will use our Transport and Logistics team to move the same Bar across different events across Australia, still fitted with the same signage and Branding ready to activate across several events without having to re-hire the bar at other venues

Do the Shipping Container Bars come with Fridges.

We generally don’t provide Fridges with our bars as they are usually delivered and installed separately once the Portable bars are delivered and installed.  To avoid damage to the Firdges and the bars inside its best they do not come delivered with the bars.  There are many Fridge Rental companies around that cater for these.   We can help with Keg Systems, and a bar usually have space on the front counters to slot in the keg systems but there are many keg hire businesses that will happily install their systems into our Bars.

How does the Signage on the container bars work.

We either use Tension Canvas Banner signage or Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV).   Once you have placed your order, we just give you the dimensions of each surface area.  Once you come back to us with your artwork, we will do the rest with suppling and installing your branding.

What other Options are available with the Shipping Container Bars?

We also have Top Deck Bars,  where you can fit up to 14 people on the roof of the Bar!   We installed AS compliant Stairs and Landing onsite, with the top deck fitted with Ballustrades and lined with Astroturf to create the ultimate event focal point.

Shipping Container  Bar Examples

Here are some examples of our Shipping Container Bar Projects.