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Our Custom Build Studios are the most recent division to Event Studios Australia. We've worked with many brands and brand activation organisations to provide eye-catching, practical, advertising solutions for events. The possibilities and configurations of our custom shipping containers are endless.

If you have a dream structure in mind, give us a call and we will help you achieve your desired result











The unique features of Lift Link frames for the event industry

•  Transport 12 frames on a single B Double truck trailer (173 Sq / Meters of floor space with roof or 346 Sq / Meters with decking)  

•  Stack or link frames in any direction. 

•  Floors, joists, ceilings, walls and fork pockets are all removable. 

•  5.8 meter ceiling height if required. 

•  Easily change the position of walls, doors and windows, on site. 

•  Fast, easy installation and removal of split system A/C units.  

•  10 minute 2 man frame assembly with inbuilt electrical connections. 

•  400 - M 12 fixing points per frame including balustrade mounting points.

Copyright © Event Studios Australia.

Copyright © Event Studios Australia.