In function, our 'ATM Studio' is an information station, ATM point and an evolving unit in one contained module. It is a highly dominant and highly visible system, suitable for any arena. Our 'ATM Studios' delivers the most eye-catching, innovative and cost effective event marketing tool for sponsors who want to reinforce or extend a message using prominent on-site advertising.



Our 'ATM Studio' is a solution beneficial for all involved.
For the sponsor it gives brand awareness in prime locations which has never existed previously.
For event attendees it provides easy to locate, instant access to cash and information/first aid, whatever the use may be.
Ultimately for the event organisers it provides increased income for the event and all its shareholders whether through merchandise, food or beverage



ESA sets up the structures with ATM’s programmed and ready to function via a wireless or landline connection depending on availability.

We can arrange Cash Management or you can choose to self cash/fund the ATM Machines yourself.


Our services take the hassle out of EFTPOS machines and staff as well as provide transport and technical support of the machines 

As we have found, location and availability dramatically increase the amount of money transacted which goes directly back to your event.




If you’d like some more details feel free to give us a call...


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Copyright © Event Studios Australia.

Copyright © Event Studios Australia.