Introduced in 1974 as a measure to ensure all containers transported across the world are in a safe and structurally sound condition, the International Container lessor (IICL) has their own standards which is used worldwide called the Container Safety Convention.    These standards revolve around the integrity of the container and its ability to carry at least 30tonne of cargo whilst being moved and transport from Container Depot, to ship to the customer.  Major structural elements that must be inspected are the primary structure which includes all 4 corner posts, top and bottom rails and the under structure cross members beneath the container floor.
All brand new containers come with an automatic 5 year CSC Certification from their manufacture date, however after 5 years these containers must be re-inspected and passed by an certified IICL approved Surveyor.  Without this approval from an approved Surveyor your container cannot not be shipped be via Sea or Interstate rail.
Due to Event Studios close ties with the shipping industry and many years developing containerised products that we shipped across the country and the world we have our own in-house Certification team who are IICL approved surveyors.
We offer this service where we can attend your premises to re-inspect and re-certify your shipping container to CSC Certification Standards.   We will issue a CSC Certificate ranging from 12months to 24 months depending on the overall condition of the container. 
We offer competitive rates particularly you for bulk inspections and can offer next day certification for any urgent requirements.
Please call our surveying team on 0447 144 717 or email us at for quotations and bookings.

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