ESA presents Bluey: It’s sheer strength; simple method of onsite construction; adaptability both horizontally and vertically; swift and easy construction on undulating or flat terrain; ability to withstand the severe Australian climate and an adaptable floor area, gives Bluey a significant competitive edge.


Bluey’s innovative design allows each unit to increase in size to include additional living areas and bedrooms. It can also extend to a two storey facility.



Full size bedroom, Full size bathroom
Kitchen, Lounge room/Communication Centre/Dining area
Ample storage areas, 1 split system Air Conditioning Unit
Two external connection points; power and water/sewerage.
50 litre Hot Water service
Built in Micro-wave oven hutch, Built in fridge/freezer hutch



Australian made, Modern architectural design layout.
Exceptional thermal R values ensuring internal comfort.
Double-glazed, size reduced, windows have been chosen to reduce heat absorption.
Dust proof seals on doors and windows.
Double skinned region A-D (unique to our product) roof system (55º to –10º).
Composite panel, fire rated, Xflam walls were sourced for not only their thermal properties but also double as sound deflection.
Industrial floor coverings
Computations to region A through to B unsupported, and supported to regions C&D with minor additions.
Commissioning of unit— approximately 6 hours.
Load bearing 5 kpa flooring (above industry standard).



Carbon trading compatibility – the solar power option allows owners a daily average of up to 10.95kw per day in renewable energy certificates (REC’s).
Water saving options are available including guttering on each unit.
85 km/ph debris screens are included on all windows.
Verandas and deck (optional).

Copyright © Event Studios Australia.

Copyright © Event Studios Australia.

Copyright © Event Studios Australia.